Curvaceous Puerto Rican Beauty, Bernice Burgos Brags About ‘Steamy S*x’ With Migos’s Quavo.. Invariably T.I Was ‘Fairly’ Okey!



T.I. is not gonna like the fact that his former girlfriend and video vixen, Bernice Burgos is bragging about her perfect s*x with new boyfriend, one thing she never did while she was with him. Lol. Meaning he was fairly okey!

 Read the juicy details as posted by HollywoodLife.. 

Bernice Burgos who was T.I.‘s rumored side-chick may have spill some intimate secrets about her two men she’s gotten down with.

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 The 37-year-old curvaceous beauty is supposedly Quavo’s new lady! And insiders are reporting that the chemistry between these two is off the charts! “Bernice is on top of the world right now,” an insider tells “She had the best time in LA with Quavo, she hasn’t stopped talking about it since she got back. She’s bragging to everyone about how hot the s*x was.” Is it getting hot in here?! 

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The insider went on to add that, although the attraction is real, she’s not attached quite yet. “She’s not in her feelings about him though, what they have is purely physical and she’s fine with that because he’s blowing her mind in the bedroom. Up until now she always said T.I was the best lover she ever had but now she’s saying that Quavo is even better than T.I. She says when she’s with Quavo he’s like the energizer bunny, always ready. And Bernice says the eleven-year age gap is working in their favor because they’re both in their prime. Right now everything is just working between them.”

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