OMG: Benue State University Graduate Disgraces Herself On Social Media.. And Its Terrible!!

The ecstatic 'unidentified' female graduate took to her social media handle to announce that she had graduated from the prestigious Benue State University after writing her exams. But , her write-up was full of blunders from the beginging to end which has angered most people to question how she got that far in the first place to even be celebrating a graduation. People shaa. Lol. 

Meanwhile, some have argued in her favour that it could be the fault of her android phone. You know how this gadgets works sometimes, someone wrote.

See what she wrote below..

Here are some of the screenshots of comments from people we got for y'all. Some even blamed Buhari. Lol.

What do you guys think? Could this be a mistake or not?

 Share your comments below..


  1. It is not and Never her Phone and Graduation does not mean finishing examinations. it means successfully passing out and ready for NYSC. the questions are: are we sure she really graduated or she will be coming for "second Missionary Journey".

    it is pitiful that some of our sisters and brothers are and have taken to madness on the streets. i stood and looked at some of them yesterday and felt very sad.


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