Benue Most Wanted Militia, Terwase Akwaza alias ‘ghana’ speaks

So there’s an audio currently trending online which is alleged to be the voice recording involving Benue most wanted millitia ,Terwase Akwaza popularly refered as “ghana” spilling some top secrets concerning the insecurities in Benue. Although, the interview was done in 2016 according to reports but no one ever heard of it untill now.

In the 36 minutes audio recording one Facebook user Msuen Amin Peteraction, Terwase Akwaza noted the following…

1. That 2.5 Billion was released for the amnesty but the Ortom administration and co- travellers siphoned the money and he got only 6 million with his gang.
2. That Joe Ikyaagba had no reason to kill Denen Igbana and possibly had nothing to do with the latter’s death.
3. That Denen Igbana was indeed a dirty cop.
4. That Denen Igbana was behind the abduction of officom’s wife.
5. That Denen Igbana had a fall out with the gang he used in carrying out the kidnapping after he took 8.5 million from the 10 million ransome that was paid and left the rest of the gang with 1.5 million.
6. That he submitted alot of guns, grenades, launchers for the second time but these set of weapons were not publicised and later diverted by Denen Igbana and Col Edwin Jando.
7.That he never actually worked with Suswam closely, as a matter of fact SUSWAM used the military against him, the more reason why he stayed in hiding during Suswam’s tenure.
8. That he earnestly wanted freedom and embraced the amnesty programme wholeheartedly.
9. That while trying to investigate crimes in the state to clear his name of alleged hits, he was constantly interrupted by the late Denen Igbana.
10. That Governor Ortom was all aware of these happenings but decided to play politics with it.

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See the screenshots below…


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