Enugu Pastor gives lady 48 strokes of cane to enable her find a husband

 Princess Josephine Uloma, who is in desperate search of a husband has told of how she received 48 strokes of the cane from a pastor so she could get a husband.

The 39-year-old spinster and an indigene of Orlu in Imo state, broke down in tears in front of a large congregation in Asaba on Sunday as she told of all the horrible things she has had to endure in her search for a life partner.

She told the congregation that she has had several suitors but they all rejected her over inexplicable “spirit of limitations, anger, and demonic measures”. She said she has been infested by this spirit for fifteen years and it has caused her to run helter-skelter in search of a cure, and even led her to some fake men of God.

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She told Daily Post: “Trouble started when I turned down a marriage offer from a suitor who hailed from Enugu State. Few months later, I found myself in an unbridled anger and querulous manners. I started beating up men whoever ask my hand in marriage. Any man who comes near me I will beat him up”.

In tears, she added: “My life is full of testimonies, I rejected an offer of marriage from a suitor who hailed from Enugu State, and after few months, my trouble started, I was taken to several churches including one of the Pentecostal churches around Ezenei Avenue where I was flogged 48 strokes of cane by the pastor. And after I slept for twenty minutes, I took on the pastor, beat him up silly and forced him to eat from the sand”.

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The woman denied that her problem stemmed from alcohol and/or Indian hemp.

She continued: “My parents during the process thought I did not want to marry. They organized a man who came from London to marry me, and when we got there I beat him up after a minor quarrel, and I was arrested and deported to Nigeria, I later realized I was not myself when I came into Nigeria before I was introduced to King’s Chapel.”

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She said that after she started attending King’s Chapel in Asaba, she was delivered by the prophet in charge. She added that since her deliverance, she has had over 120 suitors asking her hands in marriage, and that all the suitors are currently being screened by God.

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