MUST READ: Long Battle Between Fulani Herdsmen vs Tiv…And what every parent should share with Their Children


I stumbled over this article written by a father ,Steve Acka ,of his conversation with his son. He lamented on the current battle between the herders and farmers and the long battle between the Tiv and Fulani people.  Why they always fought!

Read it below as shared on Facebook user, ..

My little boy asked me why the Fulani herdsmen are killing Tiv people?

 I answered him that it is a long story. That it all started in 1804 when the Fulani people led by one Usman dan Fodio invaded Hausa land in present day northern Nigeria and defeated them. The Fulani army conquered all the Hausa kingdoms in Katsina, Daura, Kano and etc. They installed Fulani Emirs and subjugated the Hausa people and set up a Sultanate. They were not satisfied with the conquest of the Hausa lands, so they continued their conquest in the name of Islam till they encountered a people called Tiv. The Tiv people defeated the Fulani forces in about 1860 and brought to a halt the Fulani/Jihad expansion. The Fulani people never forgave the Tiv people for that defect. The British came about 1900, conquered the Fulani people in 1906 and the Tiv people in 1926. The British colonized the whole land and gave it a new name, Nigeria. The British with their indirect rule method of administration re-empowered the Fulani people over the Tiv people.

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At independence in 1960, the British left and the Fulani took over power in Nigeria. One of their agenda was the unfinished business of subjugating the Tiv people. They attempted immediately after independence and it resulted into a war the Tiv people call Atem Tyior. In the fallout, the Fulani lost their prince (Sir Ahmadu Bello) in 1966. Ahmadu Bello was their commander at the time.
The Fulani went back to re-strategize and the Tiv people went to sleep. The Fulani silently wage war on the Tiv people and the Tiv didn’t even know because they were in a deep slumber. The Fulani wage political, social, economic, religious and environmental war against Tiv land and completely undid the Tiv people.
At the turn of the millennium, the stage was set for the final onslaught against Tiv people and another Fulani prince President Buhari (PMB) came to power in Nigeria. The cow war which have been going on for sometimes was used not only to defeat Tiv people but to also occupy their land like the Fulani did to the other nationalities. Then came 2018, the cow war is at its peak, the Fulani army is defeating Tiv people on all fronts.
The Tiv people are in disarray and in the most vulnerable state in their existence in the entity called Nigeria. The Tiv nation have leadership failures at all levels. They are at their worst stage economically and financially. The clans are divided and unity is at the lowest levels.

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The Tiv nation was brought to this level as a result of over 50 years of careful planning by the Fulani as they aim at undoing the Tiv nation. The Fulani did a good job and hence the result. What will save the Tiv nation from subjugation? For the first time in almost 200 years, the Fulani have the Tiv people cornered and in a position they had always desired.
Why should the Fulani not press on in this final onslaught?
If you are the Fulani commander at this stage, why should you stopped? Do you think the Fulani people will forgive PMB, their commander if he breaks this final attack?
My boy was speechless.
But what options do the Tiv nation have now?

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