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MUST READ!! Terhemba Shija Rubbishes Senator Gemade’s 12 motorcycle ‘greek’ Gift to Constituents

Yesterday, a serving senator from Benue state,Barnabas .A. Gemade  who represents the people of the Zone A axis was making headlines on Benue cyber space for donating ‘just’ twelve(12) motorcycles to people from his constituency despite his Jumbo salary of N15m monthly and N200m annually as constituency. That’s just a ‘pinch’ from what is meant for his people.


The senator who is known for perpetually abandoning his people after elections once again surfaced with gifts as the country edges close to another year of general elections,since he still eyes the senate seat.

His supporters took to social media sharing photos of ‘kind gesture’ and  wrote;

Senator Barnabas A Gemade is a man with a humanitarian heart. Reason many people believe in the distinguished senator. In those pictures, the senator is given out Frajend motorcycles to some elderly constituents to aid them in transportation of agricultural products. #PicturesDontLie. #GemadeIsWorking. #LetTheGoodWorkContinu #GemadeDoo. #BabaShiAza.

However, a governorship aspirant from Benue state who also hails from same zone, Prof. Terhemba Shija,disgusted by the alleged kind gesture took to a comment section on social media  expressing disappointment at politicians for always politicizing everything and he did not exclude himself.

Prof. Terhemba Shija said;

Sometimes I feel so ashamed calling myself a politician. We are simply the most mundane and most uninspiring set of elites closing down on our people like an incubus.

Seventeen years ago, as a commissioner in the government of Benue state, the then governor gave me over 100 motorcycles which I distributed to the youths of Vandeikya and Konshisha. It was meant to help unemployed youths who might want to go into Okada business. We distributed the motorcycles without the fanfare of media blize because even at that time, I imagined that it was too pedestrian to make noise about such gestures when we had left several other things undone.

Seventeen years afterwards, a sitting senator who collects N15million monthly as salary and collects N200million annually as constituency allowances is making News headlines on social media as donating 12 motorcycles.

While I congratulate him for his generosity, I wonder whether we politicians ever think of doing anything more creative or new. The sheer timidity of revisiting the Okada profession year in year out when more of are youths keep pouring out in the Labour market makes me feel we lack ideas to address the challenges of this generation. And yet we shamelessly propagate our lackluster performance in the media with a view to being rewarded with votes.
May God help us.

Senator Barnabas Gemade Gifting Constituents Motorcycles. This article was compiled by Queen-Doosh

Check out the motorcycles below.. This article was compiled by Queen-Doosh

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