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Woman arrested for beating up her boyfriend For Refusing Her S*x

Rebecca Lynn Phelps,has been arrested for the second time after beating up her boyfriend because he refused to have s*x with her.

The 31-year-old woman was arrested by police near Tampa for allegedly attacking her boyfriend as he slept. Police accuse her of “grabbing her boyfriend’s genitals [while] wanting to have s*x” on Thanksgiving night.

Phelps shares a home with the victim, who is unnamed, and their child in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Police say that her boyfriend was sleeping when Phelps walked into the bedroom drunk and indicated she wanted to have s*x. She allegedly grabbed his genitals but he said no and went back to sleep. She then left the room, only to come back and start “tapping” his leg, police said.

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Investigators said:

The victim pretended to be asleep to ignore the defendant who is intoxicated.

Phelps immediately became angry and “scratched the victim on his left eye causing it to swell and turn black and blue,” according to the arrest report.

Woman is arrested again for beating up her boyfriend because he won

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When police arrived, Phelps denied touching her boyfriend. She was booked on misdemeanor domestic battery charges. She was released on Sunday morning after she posted $100 bond. She has been ordered by a judge not to have any contact with the victim.

This is the second time in the last 14 months that Phelps has been arrested for allegedly beating up a man who did not want to have s*x with her.

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In September 2017, Phelps was arrested after she “smacked [a man] so hard on the right side of his face it left redness.”

The man did not want to have s*xual relations with Phelps, who got angry in response, according to police. She then attacked the man, scratching him with her right hand and causing his skin to break and the victim to bleed.

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