How Fox News Commentator Bre Payton Died

Fox News commentator, Bre Payton, has suddenly died .

Payton, a conservative who wrote for The Federalist magazine, died in San Diego after suffering some sort of sudden illness TMZ reports

 Morgan Murtaugh, a friend of hers who just ran for Congress in San Diego and lost, said she  was found unconscious Thursday and  immediately called 911, but apparently Payton was already in a coma and beyond hope she said.

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 Murtaugh asked people to reach out to God, saying, “Please if you’re religious at all, send prayers this way. We really need them.” It was too late. Payton died Friday. It appears she was suffering from meningitis, but so far authorities have not determined a cause of death.

Bre Payton was just 26.  May her soul rest in peace. Amen!



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