British Dwarf Model, Fatima Timbo Speaks On Her Height And Body Confidence



Fatima Timbo ,21, who is a based in London has spoken on her life as a model and her deformity in height which she says isn’t a barrier for her to achieve her success.

The four-feet model, says dwarfism poses no challenge to her stating she won’t allow negativity to define her ability to achievement.

Speaking with bbcnews,Timbo spoke about building her confidence and her work in inspiring others to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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She said,would not allow people’s negative comments get to me or stop me from promoting body positivity for people with dwarfism.

“I won’t be defined by my height,” she added.

I honestly can’t change the way i look or what people say about me  but i had to changed the way I look atmyself.

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Modelling boosted my confidence, and now I want to inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Timbo who is also a finance trainee, revealed that after being bullied throughout high school, she learned to finally accept her condition and in 2017, she kick-started her modeling career.

She has more than thirty-one thousand followers on Instagram, says it has been difficult for her to have a relationship.

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She was later spotted by some reality TV producers and was offered a slot on the popular British reality show, `The Undateables’.

Timbo admitted that she felt that her height had no limit and as such the sky was her limit, has already built lots of fan base for herself as a budding Instagram model.

Timbo happens to be the only one suffering from the condition in her family.



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