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”I see a new government In Benue”- Bishop Kume Speaks On 2019 In Explosive Prophecy


Bishop Timothy Kume, whose known for making near perfect prophecies has once again release some disturbing predictions that has been making headlines. Recalled, the famous Benue based Bishop once predicted that the Benue state governor,  Samuel Ortom was going to be stoned and there would be flood which may wash away people’s homes. Also, he once predicted the fulani herdsmen’s attack which all came to pass.

Well, Rev.Kume has insisted that they’ll be a new government in Benue state and also said president Muhammadu Buhari was going to win his reelection.

Below are the prophecies by Rev Bishop Kume as shared by Myke Magix;

1. A lot of Benue people will make name in year 2019.
2. From year 2019 Benue will be known because of sports just as I see more professors added to the list of professors in Benue.
3. There will be more Federal Government projects in the state in 2019.
4. There will be early rainfall in Benue and other parts of Nigeria in year 2019.
5. I see the problem of flood not being able to be controlled from now till the next five (5) years.
6. There will be a lot of white people in Benue in year 2019.
7. The church in Benue will start forging unity in 2019.
8. 2019 is also a year of judgment of men of God in Benue. Let those who’re doing good continue in doing good and those who’re not doing what God called them to do repent.
9. A lot of people in Benue will run to God in year 2019.
10. The most dangerous routes in 2019 will be from Nasarawa to Benue and Makurdi to Oturkpo. Let’s be ware.
11. From year 2019, teachers will enjoy all over the country. Their reward will no longer be in heaven alone. A lot of them will use cars, build houses etc.
12. Journalists within Benue state must be prayerful for I see the killing of a lot of them in year 2019.
13. There would be too many assassinations in year 2019.
14. The Fulani have the agenda to take over Nigeria as revealed to me by God.
15. The weapons the Boko Haram has are far superior to what our security forces have. A lot of people will be helpless in 2019.
16. Watch and pray for I see increase in herdsmen attacks from January to March.
17. Benue will lose more chiefs in 2019. Governments will also dethrone most of them for political reasons and some will go on exile.
18. There will be a lot of divorce cases in 2019, especially in Benue State.
19. There will also be a lot of suicide cases in Benue due to frustration in 2019.
20. As we enter the electioneering year, I see some people behind the scene that will be planning unconstitutional change of Government.
21. The Governor of Benue State should pray against betrayal in 2019.
22. Just as it was revealed to me in 2017 concerning Benue State I still see a new Government taking over in 2019.
23. Most people in Government house now will end up in jail.
24. Watch and pray against deaths in the Benue State Government house in 2019.
25. There will be a new air port and a sea port in Benue State between now and the next five years.
26. There will be crisis in eight local governments in Benue State and I see a lot of bloodshed.
27. Watch and pray against big fights on the following borders:- Taraba – Benue, Enugu – Benue, Cross river – Benue, Kogi – Benue. There would be many deaths.
28. There would be news in 2019 that will make people run from a big market in Benue State.
29. Because of elections the Hausa community in Benue State will be taken care of more than the Tiv.
30. More security officers from all the uniform formations will be transferred in year 2019 and most Federal Government Staff and INEC Officials because of the elections.
31. In year 2019 the rich will also cry especially the ones who’re not close to God.
32. Cases of theft i.e. breaking of houses by night will be rampant in 2019.
33. Cult activities and drug-related cases will assume a worse dimension in Benue in 2019. I see cult fights.
34. There will be a lot of visitors to churches in Benue, some for good and some for evil. Pastors should be careful.
35. Watch and pray that in year 2019 some churches in Benue will not be turned into IDP camps.
36. Year 2019 is a year of change of uniforms of primary schools, secondary schools, police, etc.
37. Ground breaking projects will commence next year but will only end up enriching non-indigene contractors who will siphon the state and go.
38. The Governor of Benue State should pay more attention to his health and that of his wife in year 2019 and should also pray against funerals in their homes.
39. Local Government chairmen in Benue State should pray against attacks in 2019. Their lives are not safe.
40. Commissioners and Special advisers in Benue should also be prayerful to avert impending dangers.
41. Under normal circumstances, a gubernatorial candidate in Benue, Rev. Ikyaan will spring surprises; but APC will install the next Government in Benue State, just as Buhari will win the presidency.
42. There will be strange and miraculous births of creatures as stories of people sleeping with animals will be heard.
43. In 2019 a lot of people will get jobs and a lot will buy cars.
44. Every youth that wants to succeed in 2019 should learn a trade. Let’s avoid laziness.
45. A lot of women in Benue will be vulnerable and cheap in year 2019 because of hunger.
46. A lot of people will go into charity work in year 2019 and God will bless them.
47. 2019 is a year for the less privileged all over the world.
48. The Tor Tiv will call for meetings next year, and three of such meetings will fail because of lack of unity, only one meeting will succeed.
49. Younger chiefs will betray Tor Tiv even as they display loyalty in his presence.
50. First five months in year 2019 will carry deaths of some men of God; hence men of God who are sick should not take their health for granted.
51. The present government will leave the state heavily indebted.
52. There will be a big fight between two former Governors of Benue State that will divide the tribes into three.
53. All former speakers of Benue State House of Assembly and former judges of law courts should watch and pray against deaths in 2019.
54. Benue will have new names from artistes, football, gospel etc.
55. From 2019 there would be divisions in churches that would lead to the breakup of some especially the orthodox. Pastors will spring up to take over from their overseers.
56. The Roman Catholic Church should pray against break up in 2019.
57. Watch and pray against any attack on North Bank Bridge in Makurdi.
58. In 2019 documents and other things will be discovered in North Bank area of Makurdi that will get everyone scared.
59. Let’s uphold old people that served Benue State in the past in prayers, against deaths especially those from 70 years and above.
60. A lot of politicians will be broke in 2019 especially some members in the Benue State house of assembly who’re not in the good books of leadership in the state. Their condition is better imagined than seen. They should also pray against divorce cases.
61. There would be too many ritual killings in 2019; there are more bad things than good. We must draw close to God.
62. Buhari will win 2019 election but he should pray that he will not die in office.

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