Meghan Markle’s new press officer is so handsome and the ladies are feeling him..


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Meghan Markle’s has a new new stylish and new press secretary and the ladies cant seem to get enough of his cuteness.


Christian Jones was spotted leaving a swish Notting Hill Italian restaurant in west London with Meghan Markle. It has now been reported that he has been hired to handle the Duchess of Sussex’s media business.

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Shortly after Jones’ photos were released online a lot of women on social media couldn’t help but drool over his good looks.

Jones and Meghan

Read below what some of the royal fans have been writing;


“We need to talk about Meghan Markle’s new press secretary” ,Elizabeth Cotignola tweeted.


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Her tweet immediately started trending. Others wrote;


Another tweeted: “Press secretary is cute.”


“What a hottie,” A Twitter user wrote.

And some warned Prince Harry that he might have competition.


One person wrote: “Careful Harry, Meghan has a new younger handsome man around now.”

Jones and Megan

It is believed Christian’s official title will be Deputy Communications Secretary.

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He previously worked in a number of roles for the British government, including Chief Press Officer for the Treasury between 2014-15, reports




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