More Details On How P Diddy’s ex, Cassie And Alex Fine Became A Couple Revealed!


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Enough may not have been heard about this former famous Hollywood couple, Cassie and  P Diddy as more secrets have been spilled to the open.

 Just few days after news  about Cassie’s new trainer beau, Alex Fine broke. P Diddy, is speaking out   after she used photos of her  kissing with new hunky boyfriend to curve him.  According to new report, Diddy hired  ‘’FINE’’ to keep Cassie fit but they ended up sleeping with each other.

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Sources close to Diddy told TMZ, that his personal trainer, Jamal Liggin, got so busy he hired several trainers as backup, including Alex Fine to train Cassie. It was also claimed that Cassie and Alex hooked up before her split with Diddy.

 Insiders said, Diddy paid Alex and gave him full responsibility to train Cassie in 2018, but the pair fell for each other and began sleeping together. Although, it wasn’t revealed if it was the reason for their split but it was reported that Diddy feels betrayed by Cassie.



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