VIDEO: How 5 kids From United Pentecostal Church in Marksville where Killed On their way to Disney World



On Thursday, nine children from a United Pentecostal Church in Marksville were involved in terrible road accident where  some passengers were killed.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers announced that at least five kids and two adults were killed in bloody crash on Interstate 75 west of Gainesville.

 The children killed in the crash ranged in age from approximately 8 years old to teenagers, according to FHP Lt. Patrick Riordan.

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Reports says, the decease were riding in a large passenger van from Marksville, Louisiana, that was carrying 10-12 people to Disney World.

The sad incident occurred after  two tractor-trailers and two passenger vehicles collided, spilled diesel fuel across the roadways and sparked a large fire to break.

 According to an email sent to church members, it read; the van, carrying three adults and nine children from a United Pentecostal Church in Marksville, was crashed.

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Five of the children were killed; one was the church pastor’s granddaughter. Four other children all have varying injuries but are expected to be OK. One of the adults injured, the church pastor’s wife, “is pretty banged up” with seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone and other injuries, the email read.

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Another adult woman was pregnant, and she delivered her baby Thursday night. “Please pray for the healing of those physical injuries,” reads the note to members.

 “And, perhaps even more so, pray for that church family that has been so massively affected by this tragedy.” At first, investigators said there were six people killed in the crash, but that number later climbed to seven. Riordan said an additional 6-8 people were injured.

 The cause of the crash is still under investigation.



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