VIDEO: South Africa woman arrested over viral video of her slapping and suffocating her baby

Police South Africa

South African mother who was caught on camera slapping an infant has been arrested following the disturbing abusive video which has since gone viral.

According to reports, she actually abused the child and filmed it herself to punish the child’s father.

Earlier, when the video was originally shared on Twitter by Lackadaisical MacIrishZa on January 23, the identity of the abuser was never known as she only caption the clip asking people to help finding the child.

Later in the day, the same account tweeted that the baby had been found.

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Report says, the incident occurred in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.

The video is just a snippet of two videos taken by the 21-year-old mother which she sent to the child’s father.

International Business Times, reported that the child in the video is only 2-years-old.

Col. Thembeka Mbele, a KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, the child’s mother recorded the videos on January 8. The matter was reported to the Newcastle family violence, child protection and sexual offenses unit (FCS) who immediately opened a case and arrested the mother around the second week of January.

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The child was taken to a hospital and is reported to be well. He is now in custody of his father.

The 2-year-old been suffocated by the mother
The 2-year-old been suffocated by the mother

The video which went viral shows the mother slapping and suffocating the child. But police say she didn’t stop there. In the longer videos, she also pinched the child’s lips shut, pinched his face and buttocks, and kicked him in the head. At one point the terrified child tried to stand and walk away, but was stopped by the mother.

The woman was charged with attempted murder. Her identity has not been released in order to protect the child’s identity, according to police.

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Below is the video..

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