+18 PHOTOS: P0rn star,Sybil Stallone spends £380,000 on plastic surgery to look like a s*x ROBOT



Sybil StalloneSybil Stallone,a p0rn star has transformed herself into a “living s*x doll” after she underwent a series of surgeries to achieve her goal.

Sybil, who refers to herself as a “Brunette Barbie” works at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located near Las Vegas.

According to Sun UK, she has invested $500,000 (£380,000) in surgeries to turn her body into what Sheri’s Ranch is referring to as the ultimate living sex machine.

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Sybil StalloneShe had surgical augmentations in order to turn herself into a sentient s*x doll and these surgeries include a nose job, cheek, chin, and lip fillers, a butt lift, and a boob job that increased her breast size from a D-cup to a G-cup.

She said: “I am literally built for s*x. In our modern age of virtual reality, teledildonics, and s*x robots, s*x buyers are constantly looking for a more unique experience.

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“Through my enhancements, I offer my lovers something that transcends human, better than anything you could get with a s*x robot or most other women. I’m the best of both worlds – a living s*x doll.”

According to her, she doesn’t regret any of her surgeries and the response from her clients and fans have been overwhelmingly positive.

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She added: “When you combine my physical augmentations with my intense workout regimen, s*x-positive attitude, and my years of experience having great s*x as a highly successful p0rn star – there’s just nothing on the market that comes close to what I offer.

“I’m the s*x-terminator. No sex robot has a chance.”

You can google Sybil Stallone for the uncensored pictures.




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