Heartbreaking Video Of Parents Crying And Wailing Where A School Building Collapsed In Lagos [VIDEO]



Watch The Shocking Moment When A School Building Collapsed In Lagos [VIDEO]Tragedy struck in Lagos this morning after a school building located in Ita Faji, Lagos Island, collapsed.

According to reports, the primary school is said to be located on the top floor of the building while others were reportedly trapped, ChannelsTV reports.

Spokesperson for the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Kehinde Adebayo, confirmed the collapse, adding that emergency officials were already on ground.

Meanwhile, a lady who took her aunt’s kids to school today was weeping profusely at the scene  as she claims the kids told her they didn’t want to go to school today but were forced to go.

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She is weeping at the evacuation site and calling everybody to come to her rescue

The structure is reported to be a residential building with several apartments. So far some grown up men are said to have been rescued alongside other kids.  As for the time of filling this report,some parents have stormed the hospital where most of the victims where taken for treatment.

Watch the video below.. More details shortly…Lagos



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