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All You Need To Know About The Two BSU Students Who Drowned At River Benue




All You Need To Know About The Two BSU Students Who Drowned At River Benue

Christopher and Emmanuella


Yesterday, Queendoosh reported on the drowning incidence of two students of the Benue state University at the River Benue and how both

bodies where recovered after a thorough search by some marine officers.

Christopher Adakole and Emmanuella Mson both hundred level students where reported to have gone missing at River Benue where they

both went to have a sit out. Both students have since been found dead.

Christopher , was buried at the River Bank according to the Idoma tradition to prevent future occurrence.

While Mson’s body have since been taken to the Benue state teaching hospital.

However, one of the students, Ngn Tyotsumeh Martinez Cmp, who was involved in the search for their bodies have now given a

vivid explanation on what really happened that led to the drowning. Read the full gist below..

On a Friday evening, Emmanuella Mson a 100L student of MBBS, Benue State University, Makurdi who resides behind

Steam fast Gyado will residence of Makurdi accompanied by her friend Adakole Christopher, a hosteler 100L student of

Computer Sciences and 3 of their other associates headed to the river to explore nature behind BSU water works at the back of Benue State University.


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Late Emmanuella Mson, the 100 Level Medical Student of Benue state University

Arriving at the river Adakole Christopher, a popular pianist and basketballer, was dancing with his friends beside the water while

Emmanuella Mson went into the river, minutes later she came out and asked Adakole to back her and swim round the river,

investigations done by me reveals so.

While Adakole was swimming round with Emmanuella at his back the 3 other friends were dancing and making videos, after

sometime the friends couldn’t see the 2 the friends search around but couldn’t find them they weren’t reasonable enough to

contact the local fishermen instead they ran back to school and couldn’t raise alarm instead they went to security to write


At the time Students went down to the river there was little or nothing to do, yesterday been Sunday the matter was reported

to the marine police but no effort was made by them, they continued following unnecessary bureaucracies which availed to


Yesterday afternoon through the aid of the local fishermen of Agwan jukun community we found Adakole Christopher body on

the surface of the water around Benue water board side, their tradition insist any member of the community who died in water

be buried beside the water hence he was buried beside the water at Awe street River Benue water bank by the family.

The poor orphan Emmanuella Mson, who is the only child of her mum who suffers HBP had no one to come for her, the response

on her case was indeed poor I mean very poor, the management responded low while the students union neglected the matter,

after the burial of Kole, we the students led by myself and Lubem Terkula Aluta General approached the youth leader of the

community to Foster ways for the recovery/rescue of Emmanuella Mson.


All You Need To Know About The Two BSU Students Who Drowned At River Benue

Late Christopher Adakole,who drowned at River Benue


Lo and Behold we were able to meet the community fishermen the CSO of the university joined us and we were able

to strike a deal with them, and they promised to help us recover/rescue the body today since yesterday was already too late.

Early today dogged comrades of Benue Students, Lubem Terkula, Tyotsumeh Martinez, Comr Tarnongu Peter Terlumun,

Comr Orga Afiagh De III and Tsevende Daniel later joined, we arrived the community rented a boat and took off in search for her.

After serious search and long travel through the water we found poor Emmanuella floating on the water surface after

Nassarawa state around Orlam rice farm.

We traveled through the water and brought poor Emmanuella home back to the banks of river Benue, as a concerned

comrades to that’s the best thing to do, the school ambulance took her remains Benue State University, Teaching Hospital Makurdi.

May their souls find peace. Amen!



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