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How Ex-President Of Peru, Alan Garcia shot himself as police arrived to arrest him



How Ex-President Of Peru, Alan Garcia shot himself as police arrived to arrest him

The former president of Peru,Alan Garcia, is presently fighting for his life in a hospital after he shot himself in the head as police arrived to arrest him following allegations of money laundering.

The 69-year-old two-time head of state was at his home in Lima when police arrived to arrest him so he could face questioning over alleged money laundering. He then told the officers that he needed to speak with his lawyer. They granted him permission and he shut himself in his room then shot himself in the head.

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When a loud bang from a firearm rang out, police forcibly entered the room and found Mr. Garcia sitting with a wound in his head.

Garcia was rushed to Casimiro Ulloa hospital in Lima where he is being operated on. He has since suffered three cardiac arrests in the operating room and has needed resuscitating three times, Daily Mail reports.

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X-ray images of Mr Garcia’s head shows gunshot wound left by the bullet which passed completely through his head. The hospital monitor on the X-ray clearly shows today’s date and Mr Garcia’s full name.

How Ex-President Of Peru, Alan Garcia shot himself as police arrived to arrest him

Peru’s Health Ministry said Mr Garcia was sent to Jose Casimiro Ulloa Hospital at 6.45am local time for a bullet wound to the head.

“At this moment, the patient has been in an operating room at said hospital since 7.10am,” the ministry said.

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Mr Garcia’s lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, has described the former head of state’s condition as “delicate”. Health Minister Zulema Tomas said Mr Garcia was in a “very critical” and “grave” condition.

Large crowds have gathered outside the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital as news spreads that Peru’s former President attempted suicide.



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