Psychologist reveals UNN Student,Akachi asked him for help before suicide




Psychologist reveals UNN Student,Akachi asked him for help before suicide

University of Nigeria Nsukka graduate and Psychologist, Ofe di Oku, has revealed his attempts to help the late Chukwuemeka Akachi who committed suicide..

Taking to Facebook, Oku wrote;


“People don’t just wake up in the morning and commit suicide. One hardly find such in story rails. Suicide is a deliberate planned act. It’s a sort of last resort especially to people suffering depressions and other forms of psychopathologies.

Most people that commit suicide have already planned out how to achieve this aim, where and when it should be carried out. Some give no chance for help till is carried out.
Here in UNN, by miracle I meet them in hidden places and at a specific time. Vet mountain, social science quadrangles, those buildings on your way to green house, some exculded parts of stadiums. Mostly by 12pm, 2am, 3pm, 10-11am, and at the wee hours of the morning.

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In my second year I met a handful of them. This is because I always go home from 12am-5am, sometimes I go to morning mass at St. Peter’s very early by 4am, some other times I go to midnight prayers at lawn tennis court or visit the vet mountains for other needs mostly during the mid hours of the day. I met some in tears and others in a sober mood.

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I’ve a fellow survivor that told me, I planned dying on my graduation day at a specific hour in a specific location. I’ve to employ the aid of Dr. Amah Benedicta and now she’s doing well.

Why did I write this. Human beings are delicate beings. No matter how much strong you claim to be, one thing must break you and your way of coping might not be your neighbors way of coping.

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We have diverse ways of coping with stress and emotions. We all don’t have strong and healthy coping and emotion regulating mechanisms. Help those with faulty coping strategies. Be of help to them, don’t criticize them, don’t tell them where they should and should not be.
Goodnight”Psychologist reveals UNN Student,Akachi asked him for help before suicide



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