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Man In Germany Hospital After Suffering Erect!on For Two Weeks



German Man In Hospital  After Suffering Erection For Two Weeks
Danny Polaris, has been in hospital in Germany for two weeks with a permanent erection.

The man who lives in Kreuzberg, Berlin, took a Viagra before a night out recently.

When he went home with a nurse he met, he allowed his friend to inject a stimulant into his pen*s.

He told PinkNews he felt fine until two days later when he was rushed to hospital screaming in pain.

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Danny was diagnosed with a priapism, which, if not treated, can cause permanent damage to the pen!s.

Two weeks later though he is still in hospital he has detailed his ordeal on Instagram.

Danny admitted he has often been crying with fear and pain and is worried for the long term implications to his health.

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He is now reportedly making progress.

He said he wanted to use the situation to shine a light on the taboo subject of priapisms.

Meanwhile Danny’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his recovery and rehabilitation costs.

Speaking on Instagram, Danny said he was nervous about sharing his story but was pleased to be able to spread awareness across the world about the ‘agonisingly painful and sometimes terrifying condition.’

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He said he was grateful for every donation.

Danny commented: ‘It’s going to go towards my health, to get me back on my feet and to help me travel back and forth to the UK to see doctors and family.’



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