#BBNaija: Big Brother Naija Housemates Exposes Their Secrets And They Are Shocking



#BBNaija: Big Brother Naija Housemates Exposes Their Secrets

On Wednesday, Big Brother Naija, housemates, made shocking revelations about their past life and it was fun to watch.

Mercy revealed that she brought a vibrator into biggie’s house.

According to her, “I brought vibrator to the house, that is the only thing that makes me have orgasm.”
She addded that she had been taking care of herself, school and family since the age of 18.

Seyi on his end revealed that he lost his virginity to an older lady.

He also revealed that he had s*x with two sisters on the same day

“First display of anger was in primary school, stabbed a classmate with a compass. I also had s_x with one sister and took the other one to an incomplete building to finish off

“Walked in on my friend having s-x with my girlfriend and I revenged by having s-x with her cousin.”

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Also revealing secrets, Tacha added that her first sex was so boring and it lasted 30minute.

According to her, she “only did it out of pressure.”


Mercy: Only my vibrator makes me cum

Khafi: Was addicted to s*x at a point

Tacha: Used to date a pastor’s son, Always hid myself when visiting their house

Mercy: Have been taking care of herself, school and family since the age of 18 .

Tacha: Made my first million at 22

Khafi: I have been celibate for 8 years

Elozonam: Had s-x with 3 different women in one day because I was going through a bad breakup

Diane: Have crazy, weird, s-xual fantasies, but haven’t had s*x

Frodd: Slept with two sisters together

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Frodd: I made love for the first time at the age of 22

Elozonam: I lost my virginity at 19 and I was wearing two condoms

Frodd: I watched my first p-rn at the age of 12, and I ‘came’ without being touched

Omashola: Once had an orgy with 5 women

Frodd: Watched his 1st porn at the age of 12

Mike: First tattoo at 16

Elozonam: Developed a fear of flights

Frodd: Used to be so angry he’ll beat up anyone.

Ike: Once threatened a debtor with a picture of him at the debtors mother’s home holding a gun

Frodd: Once drove from Ikeja to Yaba in 5 MINUTES

Elo: He struggles with his faith as a Christian

Seyi: Had s*x with one sister and took the other one to an incomplete building to finish off

Mike : I was baptized last year

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Frodd: Doesn’t go to church on Sunday, prefers service at home

Omashola: First s-x was with a virgin. Though acted like a pro but had no idea what he was doing

Seyi: Walked in on his friend banging his girlfriend and revenged by banging her friends and cousin

Omashola: Has been smoking for 20-years straight before this house

Khafi: Suicidal first year of University

Seyi: Tried to kill himself in SS1

Cindy: Had her first kiss at 20

Tacha: Fell for two brothers and had a difficult time picking one to be with .

Omashola: He had more wet dream in the house than he has ever had in his entire life

Cindy: I have only been with two men in my life

Mercy: First boyfriend was a tenant in her Father’s house



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