PHOTOS: Married Woman And Her Boyfriend gets stuck during s-x


Married Woman And Her Boyfriend gets stuck during sex

There was drama at a hotel after man and his married lover got stuck during s*xual intercourse and were dragged, disgraced on the streets.

According to reports, the married woman and her boyfriend got disgraced as they got stuck during lovemaking. The two who couldn’t endure the terrible encounter cried out for help as people gathered to watch them on the streets.

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The incident happened at a hotel named ‘Explore-Inn Hotel, Bar. Resto.

It was gathered that the woman couldn’t endure the pain after getting stuck and decided to shout for help. The shout attracted the attention of neighbors at the hotel who came to their aid.

They were pushed along the street to the place where they could be separated. But, before that, a huge crowd had gathered to witness the disgraceful incident. The woman used a cloth to cover her face while being pushed.

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It is believed the husband of the woman must have used ‘magun’ an African concoction used by a man on his wife to catch her in case she’s cheating on him.

Source Credit: Mazi ijele



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