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What Nigerian Army Did In Sankera Axis Of Benue State [PHOTOS]


What Nigerian Army Did In Sankera Axis Of Benue State [PHOTOS]THE Operation to get ride of all illegal road blocks to cut down on task linkage and hoodlums on the high way has continued in Benue state, as the Benue Internal Revenue Service (BIRS), in collaboration with the operatives of the Operation Whirlstroke working in the Sankera axis have cleared all routes in the federal constituency of illegal check points.

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According to reports, the efforts which also had the leadership of the amalgamated traders union as part of the team, saw to the sanitation of all roads which hitherto was saturated with illegal tax points operated by hoodlums and extortionists.

The team took their sanitation drive from Katsina Ala through Unum to Logo local government ensuring all checking and tax points in that area were taken off the roads to ensure free passage of traders and commodities without illegal levies.

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This comes months after the Executive Chairman BIRS, Mr. Andrew Ayabam announced that he’ll ensure the state is free of illegal tax points.

What Nigerian Army Did In Sankera Axis Of Benue State [PHOTOS]
Mr Ayabam said, the removal of illegal tax points and activities was the only way business and agriculture will strive in the state.



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