MUST READ!! Twitter User Narrates The Ordeal Of Young Men Dating Older Women



MUST READ!! Twitter User Narrates The Ordeal Of Young Men Dating Older WomenA twitter user has taken to his page to narrate the ordeal most young men go through while dating older babes and its quite hilarious but interesting at same time. According to @Eke, Older babes are not necessarily angels like guys think.

Read his post below;

Older babes are not necessarily angels oo..

Sometimes dem Dey use open eye and experience to manipulate.

Older women older women… if she fuckup you fit talk?
You that know she’s managing you.

I remember seeing used condoms in “my older woman’s” trash.. I just removed eye.

Only thing is that Older babes don’t have time to play games (with you).
They are probably playing games with someone worthy.

If you are of good behavior, one day you might meet her older man and he can even get you a federal job because you are her favorite cousin.
Older women will also stuff you with food and alcohol.
I know you think it’s because they love you… nope..

You are her animal and she needs to feed you so you are strong enough deliver yourself KPI.

When an older woman dumps you, their style, you will think you are smelling.

Or when she takes you to hang with her friends.
Hot older babes and Bros them.

They will be smiling with you but deep down you know they are laughing at you.

When your older woman is going to pee you will want to join her because you are sure they will beat you in her absense..

You can click below and follow the thread.. Its quite hilarious and twitter users are having a fun fill day with it.




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